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Empowerment for Companies

You are not concerned with the development of individuals, but rather looking for ways in which entire divisions or the entire company can be empowered for future-oriented development and transformation? Then have a look here:

At present, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, often referred to as Industry 4.0, is generally associated with the onset of digitalisation and the technological challenges this brings with it. However, corporate aspects such as leadership, collaboration, working methods and organisation also need an ‘upgrade’ in preparation for Industry 4.0, with many companies yet to even realise this is the case. Everything that lies ahead has one common denominator: we will need (leadership) role models who can use their knowledge, skills and volition to conceive and shape the future. No-one out there is currently in a position to foresee Work 4.0 in detail, but certain aspects are already emerging and provide us with indications as to the skills, competences and, in particular, the mindset decision makers will need in future to remain successful in the long run.

Team CoCreative – which I co-founded with three colleagues – taps into these indications by providing you with field-proven development opportunities aimed at Leadership 4.0, Collaboration 4.0, and Team 4.0 which we can tailor to your company’s specific needs.
The courses are designed to promote the development and transformation competencies of the participants thus enabling them to powerfully meet future challenges as they arise and to successfully shape the necessary transformation processes for the company.

For details about the Team CoCreative Inhouse Empowerment courses click here…
For an exploratory dialogue to clarify your specific needs, please contact me at or +49 178 186 1007.