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Leadership Campus 4.0

The WIESENTHAL Leadership Campus 4.0 provides you with a number of learning and training opportunities to prepare you and your team for Work 4.0. At present, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, often referred to as Industry 4.0, is generally associated with the onset of digitalisation and the technological challenges this brings with it. However, aspects such as leadership, collaboration, working methods and organisation also need an ‘upgrade’ in preparation for Industry 4.0, with many companies yet to even realise this is the case. Everything that lies ahead has one common denominator: we will need (leadership) figures who can use their skills and volition to conceive and shape the future.
No-one out there is currently in a position to foresee Work 4.0 in detail, but certain aspects are already emerging and provide us with indications as to the skills, competences and, in particular, the mindset managers will need in future to ensure success in the long run. We tap into these indications by providing you with development opportunities aimed at Leadership 4.0, Collaboration 4.0, and Team 4.0.
Our courses are designed to help you develop a stable and grounded personality, even in times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). This enables you to meet any arising challenges with vigour, and to shape the transformation processes required to master them.

How to act like a coach

Many companies expect their managers to ‘coach’ their staff. This crude expectation implies that managers are able to tap into the inherent potential of coaching during their everyday work for the benefit of both their staff and the company. Such management courses (managers become coaches) are generally geared towards the staff to be coached and the specific communication techniques that need to be acquired to approximate a coaching dialogue in the best-possible way.
In this course, however, we focus on empowering managers. In doing so, we are fully aware that the benefits for staff and the company will emerge of their own accord over time, rather than focussing on them specifically. Learn more

Courese lead: Britt A. Wrede – Top management coach and author
Britt is a coaching pioneer who introduced coaching to companies back in the 1990s. She imparted a highly effective coaching approach known as ‘mental shift coaching’ which enables users to tap into often unconscious knowledge, skills and volition during reflective dialogue and to then put them to effective use in the form of specific goals. This gives rise to an inner mindset defined by the reassurance of achieving success, in turn automatically leading to a purposeful behaviour when it comes to thinking, speaking and acting.
In 2017, Britt created the Coachguide project. Here, she and her team help companies to organise coaching via the website with a view to developing the company in preparation for the future.

Publications in 2018: Coaching für Industrie 4.0 (SpringerGabler Verlag), Digitalisierung trifft Coaching (training aktuell Heft 10/2018)

Contact: +49 (0)211 30185519

Creating co-creative dialogue spaces

Co-creativity is seen as a game changer in terms of achieving excellent results and developing smart ideas into (disruptive) innovations. However, co-creativity does not come about of its own accord; it requires managers to be willing and able to win over staff who then want to apply their full potential within a co-creative environment to help shape the future.
In this course you will become a facilitator for dialogue spaces that enable participants to tap into all of their skills, experience and competences. You will also foster co-creativity so as to enable participants to work together and make use of the results and solutions they arrive at. Learn more

Course lead: Karin Wiesenthal in collaboration with Team CoCreative Facilitation
Karin Wiesenthal is an expert on co-creative team processes who has a wealth of experience in facilitation, coaching, mediation, consulting and leadership as a result of previous executive positions. She supports managers and teams during personal and organisational change, and assists companies looking to make their business ready for the future.
Karin teamed up with a number of colleagues to create Team CoCreative Facilitation with the aim of enabling as many people as possible tasked with organising collaboration to inspire others in terms of the benefits of co-thinking and co-design.

Contact: +49 (0)178 186 1007

We add to our Leadership Campus 4.0 portfolio on a regular basis, so drop by from time to time and browse our latest offerings. If you need any ideas or assistance surrounding 4.0, feel free to contact us at any time.