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Karin Wiesenthal

“Access to change is gained from the inside.”

Born in 1962
Degree in computer science

More than 20 years in project management and leadership positions in the financial services and consultancy sectors– most recently as head of human resources in a financial institution. Since 2011 sole proprietor of WIESENTHAL Leadership Advisory Services.

Coach and advisor specialising in leadership issues
Facilitator for co-creative team processes
Certified business mediator
Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
Passionate glider pilot and instructor

Professional background and work ethics

Many years of experience gleaned from international project management and leadership positions have taught me how closely interlinked effective leadership is with our personality and I know from personal experience just how demanding growth is upon executives during major transformation processes. With my ability to pinpoint the essentials and my excellent sense for coherence, I have a reliable guiding beam to exactly match demand and supply. My clients appreciate me as a sparring partner who is empathic while delivering keen analyses, as someone with whom they can reflect on their topics and concerns in a partnership of equals, and as someone who can help them find approaches they consider coherent.

My work adheres to the Code of Ethics and the professional standards of the International Coach Federation International Coach Federation.


  • Empathic and energetic lady with vast experience.

    I have known Karin for many years now and really appreciate her positive, optimistic attitude, her pronounced empathic manner, her wealth of experience as a coach, consultant, manager, trainer and moderator. Karin is an extremely intelligent and understanding coach who always treats people on equal terms.

  • Process consulting with an effective change of perspective.

    During our process consulting sessions, Ms Wiesenthal is able to swiftly guide me to the current bottlenecks. She then enables me to arrive at solutions by offering an effective change of perspective, often drawing upon her considerable set of methods and experience. I have often experienced Ms Wiesenthal as a co-consultant during group work. It is fascinating to see just how naturally and effectively she enables people from various disciplines and hierarchies to join the co-creation process. She thinks in terms of results and is unwavering when it comes to arriving at solutions. She is not afraid of conflict, and has a knack for knowing when all of the avenues have been explored for a given situation.

    Strategy Consultant
  • Extremely professional and structured, coupled with a good sense of humour and levity.

    Karin Wiesenthal is a very good listener and leads dialogues right to the heart of the problem, in turn providing the basis for a change of thinking. In doing so, she adopts a targeted and methodical approach. Her comprehensive support made it easy for me to become self-employed after having been an employee for many years.

    Business Mediator
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