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Team Leadership

The ‘Team Leadership’ offers provide individually designed offers for team communication and cooperation aimed at activating the collective potential of teams. All of the offers pursue the objective to develop workable and sustainable solutions in a joint process.
In many cases, the tasks and activities to be performed in organisations require the collaboration of multiple protagonists. On top of that, many problems have become so complex that it is impossible for a single person to solve them. Solutions can often only be found in a joint team effort. This requires team leaders to be able to activate a group’s willingness to cooperate and to foster its collective competence. Using the ‘Team Leadership’ offers, a change in the ‘HOW’ of a team’s cooperation yields a better and faster ‘WHAT’ in terms of the accomplished outcome.

Here are some typical situations in which the ‘Team Leadership’ offers might be helpful:

  • The future and strategy of a business are to be re-designed together with different stakeholders.
  • Collaboration beyond individual teams is essential to the success of a project.
  • A team is faced with a problem which is new or has never been encountered before.
  • The workability and sustainable transfer of solutions is to be guaranteed by a co-creative process.
  • Conflicts within a team or a high workload weaken an effective cooperation.
  • Co-creative teamwork is to be established as the key working principle in the organisation.
  • A group of executives is to be enabled to act as one leadership team.
  • A team is to be strengthened in its ability to manage itself, thus relieving the burden on the team lead.