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Leadership Reflexion

Leadership Reflexion is aimed at quality assurance and offers professional support for executives to self-assess and to evaluate their daily performance as leaders.
Executives striving for continuous top performance should regularly allow themselves to find time and space to reflect on their managerial journey. My Leadership Reflexion is a systematic dialogue process and offers professional sparring for this deliberate self-reflexion. By staying in tune with values and keeping their personal energy budgets well-balanced, clients can deliver a continuously high performance level and remain powerful and energetic at all times.

Typical reasons for supportive reflexion are:

  • Assuming a new leadership position.
  • Increasing complexity of requirements, for instance as a result of restructuring or merger processes.
  • A difficult leadership setting offers little opportunity for discussions with peers in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.
  • Following a past coaching process, further support is required to stabilise the results achieved.
  • Retention of top-performing executives in the company.