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Leadership Counselling

Leadership Counselling provides executives with a wide range of expertise and practical knowledge concerning the appropriate planning of transformation processes as well as competent implementation support.
For transformation processes to be successful, objectives must be clearly defined, the involvement of employees must be guaranteed, and executives must be aware of their key role in the process. My Leadership Counselling will ensure that these aspects are appropriately taken into account in the project approach. The transformation process is initiated in such a way as to achieve the intended results. I especially seek to encourage people to discover opportunities for personal development within the scope of a project.

Leadership Counselling is particularly useful if:

  • Executives do not have adequate expertise and practical skills in restructuring projects.
  • As a result of their experience in previous change ventures, employees are very sceptical about the upcoming transformation process.
  • The desired results of the transformation are key to the success of the business and achieving them is therefore essential.
  • An unbiased party is required (e.g. during a merger project) to align an organisational structure.
  • The effectiveness and vigour of those promoting the change need to be strengthened.