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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching involves self-leadership coaching for and focusses on effective self-leadership to be able to successfully lead others.
Effective self-leadership is an essential prerequisite for leading others. An executive who lacks self-leadership skills will have little impact and will not be accepted as a leader. My Leadership Coaching focusses on self-orientation and clear commitment to personal goals and values. By regaining a firm footing in their self-leadership, executives reassume their leadership function with confidence and credibility.

This type of coaching is particularly advisable…

  • when the big picture and long-term targets seem to be lost among the vast number of everyday concerns,
  • when working longer hours does not help to cope with the growing complexity of the situation, and
  • when a manager’s belief in their ability to actively influence events starts to wane.

In a nutshell: when the power to lead declines.